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Standard Queen Room (16 rooms)The discounted rates require a payment via Check, ACH, or Wire Transfer and a credit card is required to hold the rooms until the payment arrives. To secure your discounted rate we must receive an email confirming you are sending payment within 48 hours and receive your payment within 5 days from making the online reservation. If payment is not received by due date your credit card will be charged the system rate. Cancelations need to be made by email to within 72 hours of booking and confirmed via email from Stanford Terrace Inn.

The rates listed below are available only using the online reservation system available on Our online system has real time information to assist you in finding the best rate and will allow you to choose any room combination from our 80 rooms and 12 room types.

  • Double occupancy is $10 more per room per night
  • Reservations can not be canceled, changed or refunded after full payment
  • Discounted rates are not available for Credit Cards except GROUP 4+ Nights Stay $60 less per night
  • Rooms are not reserved until reservation is submitted online
  • Make sure to read all options on when checking out
  • Click the complete button on the bottom of page to submit reservation

If you do not find enough quantity for the room type, please email for assistance.  Depending on the room availability, we can see if we can accommodate the requested room type quantities.

Need Help Booking? We can help you here:

To get the best prices you will need to use the checkout process on the website. Make sure to check out rate descriptions for groups and/or extended stays because discounts can very depending on the number of nights and how far in advanced booking is made. The checkout process will allow you to book anywhere from 1 to 80 rooms depending on availability. Check the table below to see how many rooms of each type that we have. Most rooms can be booked at a discounted rate as long as the full check payment arrives within 5 days upon making the reservation. Some situations allow up to 15 days for full check payment to arrive.

1. Go to our website located at and click on the Book Now link.

2. Our checkout process will allow you to select as many rooms as you need if they are available. The system will not let you check out any more rooms than we have available. We have a total of 80 rooms that consist of 12 rooms types which are listed below. We have a total of 33 double queen rooms and 16 standard queen rooms.

  • Business Suite (1 room)
  • Green Allergy-Free Deluxe King Room (5 rooms)
  • Green Allergy-Free Deluxe Double Queen room (5 rooms)
  • Double Queen Room with Garden View (33 rooms)
  • Double queen with Kitchenette (3 rooms)
  • Double Queen with Wet Bar (3 rooms)
  • Executive Stanford Suite (1 rooms)
  • King Room with Kitchenette (3 rooms)
  • King Room with Wet Bar (3 rooms)
  • Mayfield Suite with Terrace (1 rooms)
  • Standard King Room (6 rooms)
  • Standard Queen Room (16 rooms)

3 Duration and Group Discounts:

*Group and extended stay rates can not be canceled unless it is the GROUP 4+ days $60 LESS per night
*Please read rate descriptions carefully since we have many different pricing rules based on number of nights, cancellation policy, and advanced policy

Duration and Group Discount names & Price Per Night Discount

4. Download the invoice template from the Payment Forms menu item from our website to calculate your final discounted total. Accepted payment are ACH payment, check, or wire transfer.

5. After you have confirmed your reservations on our website you can send your payment so that it arrives within 5 days. If you use USPS priority mail or equivalent priority on other carriers it will guarantee arrival within the required deadline. If the payment does not arrive within 5 days, the confirmed credit card will be charged the full Reserve A Room rate unless your rate allows a longer time.

6. If you prefer booking directly via email for group or extended stay rates the lowest standard queen room rate starts at $229 for single occupancy depending on availability. Credit card payments are not an option for bookings made via email. The payment due date is 5 or 15 days (to be specified by the rate description) depending on upon the arrival date.

Send any questions to

Please call 650-857-0333 if you have any questions.