Visit Stanford - Stanford Terrace Inn

The Stanford Terrace Inn is across the street from Stanford University, making it the ideal place to stay if your trip involves anything Stanford.

Stanford Terrace Inn is located across the street from Stanford University and down the road from Stanford Medical Center. It is the perfect retreat for Stanford alumni, scholars, visitors, and distinguished university guests, as well as patients and visitors to the Medical Center. The University keeps a continually-updated list of all their exciting and engaging events, which you can find here.

Stanford University is very prolific in sports, and almost always has some kind of sporting event going on. Our proximity to campus makes us the perfect choice for any home games! The university provides a full calendar of all their sporting events, which you can find here.

The university also puts a lot of emphasis on its educational program, which means there are always educational events going on. The calendar of guest lectures, talks, and readings on campus is here. If you are more interested in music or theater, the calendar for performances is here. If you prefer art exhibitions, the university often hosts archaeological and art exhibitions, which you can find a calendar of here.

Stanford also offers walking tours of the campus, an observation platform at the top of Hoover Tower, art centers and galleries, gardens, and several outdoor walks. The university webpage has information about all those items and more on their first-time visitors page here.


Stanford Terrace Inn